How to Impeach a Kenyan President


The process of impeaching a Kenyan president is not as easy as many would think,It MUST start at the National Assembly where a member moves a motion of impeachment against the President. Even before tabling it in the House the motion must be supported by at least a third of ALL MPs.

The motion is debated and vote taken. If at least two-third of the MPs pass it, it moves to Senate. That is where Trump is at the moment. If it doesn’t get over two-third vote it’s dead.

Within two days after passing the motion at the National Assembly, the Speaker of NA notifies Senate Speaker of the resolution.

Within 7 days after receiving that notice the Senate Speaker convenes the Senate to hear the charges against the President. The Senate may form a committee of 11 Senators to investigate the allegations.

The committee then reports their findings to the Senate within 10 days. If the committee reports that it found the allegations baseless the matter ends there. Actually that 11 member committee is where rubber meets the road.

If the committee says the allegations were substantiated the Senate calls the President and hear him again. Then another vote taken in the Senate and if at least two-third pass the vote, the President shall leave office.

So what is the check and balance between National Assembly and the Senate here? One is to ensure the impeachment can only start at the National Assembly and second, ensure that it ends at the Senate if it passes the NA.