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There is no need of login in to Doniti News because it’s a scam. If you have paid your Ksh 1,500 to Doniti, sorry you have lost your money. The website, is owned by Duncan Mugo,the same person who owned Mimo News which scammed more than 1,000 Kenyans.Mimo News was deleted by Mugo after accomplishing it’s mission, nobody was paid but Kenyans lost over Ksh1 million.

Doniti News requires that you register and start posting news, comment or share the posts. The website has a dashboard which shows fake earnings. The worst part is when you refer a friend to Doniti and they pay Ksh1,500 each, you will regret your actions.

We actually warned Kenyans against Mimo News and many of them dismissed us, they later cried to us for help but we cared less. If you have seen this article, make sure you share with friends so that they cannot be scammed.

Doniti News gets referrals from Futaatips,a website that posts fake stories of how people earn big from Doniti.Even looking at the pictures posted on Gofutaa,you’ll realize that they don’t belong to Kenyans, the website owner lifts them from online. None of the stories on Futaatips is genuine, all are fake.

Nobody,I repeat, nobody will allow you to earn money that easily,you have to sweat.Even us bloggers we work so hard to earn a coin.Remember,when the deal is too good,think twice!