FA Cup Predictions Today,5/1/2020


FA Cup competition is on today where several England teams will be participating. Tottenham will be in action as well as Chelsea and West Ham. We have summarized the predictions for each match as listed below:

  1. Middlesbrough vs Tottenham(Tottenham win,OV1.5,1:2)
  2. Burton vs Northampton(1X,OV1.5,GG)
  3. QPR vs Swansea(GG,OV2.5,2:1,QPR win)
  4. Chelsea vs Nottingham(Chelsea win,OV1.5)
  5. Charlton vs West Bromwich(X2,OV1.5,GG)
  6. Sheffield Utd vs AFC Fylde(Sheffield Utd win,OV1.5,3:0)
  7. Crystal Palace vs Derby(Crystal Palace win,OV2.5,GG,2:1)
  8. Crewe vs Barnsley(1or2,GG,OV1.5)
  9. Bristol Rovers vs Coventry(X2,GG,OV1.5,1:1)
  10. Liverpool vs Everton(1or2,GG,OV2.5,2:1)
  11. Gillingham vs West Ham(X2,OV1.5)
  12. Arsenal vs Leeds(Arsenal win,OV2.5,GG,2:1)

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