Common Terms used in betting in Kenya


Sports betting in Kenya has become the main hustle for most people and for one to master the game, they have to know the common terms used in betting. If you are a new gambler, these are the common terms you must know and the meaning of each term.

  1. Multibet

Multibet is a common term in Kenya which is commonly used by individuals who place more than one game in a single slip. Multibet is literally the plural of single bets.

When you are betting on multibet slips, it means each single bet comprises of more than one game. Example:


Manchester United vs Arsenal—1

Liverpool vs Manchester City(GG)

Slip 2

Manchester United vs Tottenham—2

Leicester vs Burnley(OV1.5)

You can see each slip has two games. We treat each of them as a multibet.

  1. GG/NG

GG means both teams to score and NG means either one team to score or none of the teams to score.

Example of GG

Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1

Example of NG

Arsenal 0 Manchester City2

Arsenal 0 Tottenham 0

  1. 5/OV2.5

Under 2.5 goals means that the total goals to be scored in a game is less than 3 and OV2.5 goals implies that over 2 goals will be scored. If a game has a total of 1 or 2 goals, it means that OV2.5 goals is not valid and if a game has 3 goals,4 goals and above it means over 2.5 goals is valid.

  1. Cash out

Cash out is when a betting site pays a player even before all the games in a bet are played. For instance,the company may decide to pay Ksh1,000 after 7 out of 12 games have played if the player has correctly predicted the 7 games. The punter is given the option of withdrawing the amount or to wait until all the games are played. Cash out amount is usually less than the amount to be rewarded to the winner when all the games are played.

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  1. Stake

Stake is the amount you place on a bet. The stake can be as little as Ksh 1 or as high as Ksh 20,000. The stake amount depends on the company’s policy and the well-being of a player. The average stake in Kenya is Ksh50.

  1. Bookmaker

Bookmaker is the company offering a platform for players to place their bets. The company also offers a wide range of matches to stake on and specific odds for each game. The bookmaker pays after one places and wins a bet.

  1. Odds

Odds are the chances or likelihood of something happening or failing to happen. In sports, if something has bigger odds it means the chances of happening are low and if the odds are low, chances of happening are high. Betting companies allocate small odds to teams they believe will win so as to minimize losses.


Manchester City vs Arsenal

Manchester City 1.45 odds Arsenal 3.5 odds draw 2.10 odds

From the example above it’s clear than Manchester City will win the game, which is why the team is allocated small odds.

  1. Betting tips

Betting tips are sports betting predictions on matches of interest. These are offered by various predictions site to help clients to make informed decisions. The odds provided by betting sites may not be of much help because the results for each team depends on several parameters.

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  1. Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus is the free bets or amount rewarded for each new client of a betting company. The amount varies from company to company. One company may reward you with Ksh 100 immediately you register, another one 100% of your first deposit.

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Jackpot is a large cash prize in a game or lottery, especially one that accumulates until it is won. Jackpot is offered by almost every betting site so as to attract and retain clients. The amount is usually huge but the matches tied with the jackpot are always difficult to predict. Each jackpot gives a consolation amount in form of bonuses.

Since winning the jackpot is always hard, there are several predictions sites that offer predictions for all the jackpots,such companies include Venas News. The list of jackpots predicted are:

  • Betika,
  • Betlion
  • Odibets
  • Shabiki
  • Bet254
  • Betway
  • Sportpesa

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  1. HT/FT

HT—Half time

FT—Fool time

HT/FT is a term used for betting tips that take into consideration first half and full time result. There are many options under this:

1/1—Which means home team will win first half and second half

1 /2—this means that home team will win first half but second half will be won by away team

2/2—Away team will win in both halves

X/X—both teams will draw first half and second half

X/1—the teams will draw first half but home team will win second half

1/X—home team to win first half but to draw in second half

X/2—draw in first half but a win for away team second half

2/X—away win first half but a draw in second half

HT/FT have the best odds.

  1. Draw no bet

Draw no bet excludes the outcome of a draw. If both teams draw then your bet will be cancelled but if one of the teams win, you earn the money.

Draw no bet is commonly used when punters don’t want to lose their stake.

  1. Double chance

Double chance is a situation when you are not sure of a team that will win. For instance, you may be sure that the reams won’t draw but you aren’t sure which team will win. In this case, the double chance option is 1or2

Here are all options of double chances:



2 orX

The double chance reduces the risk of losing by more than 50%.

  1. Correct score

Correct score shows the specific number of goals each team will score in a game. This is the option most gamblers prefer because it has high odds. Also, fixing is done on correct scores.