Drama as Miguna is blocked by Germany Authorities from Boarding a Plane to Kenya


There was unimaginable drama in Germany after the self-proclaimed General Miguna Miguna was blocked by Germany authorities from boarding a plane to Kenya.Dr Miguna was enroute to Kenya from Canada when he was stopped after it emerged that he is blacklisted by IATA.

The General tried to explain his story but none was ready to listen to him, he is not known by the officials. Until now,Miguna Miguna is still held at the airport and he may be deported back to Canada.

Miguna,who is the only Kenyan with two identical names, was expected in the county today at 9 am but the incident in Germany forced him to abort the journey. As it stands, he may be deported back to Canada.

Yesterday, court directed the government to facilitate his movement back into the country but it seems there are several hurdles before the man who swore Raila is allowed back.