Does Doniti News Pay


Doniti News is a scam, it doesn’t pay. I have received messages from over 100 Kenyans who have claimed they lost Ksh1,500 each to Doniti News Kenya.

Most of them joined for free and were told to upgrade by paying Ksh1,500 so that they can withdraw. They had accumulated over Ksh10,000 each. Since Doniti News dashboard was showing money earned after commenting, sharing and posting articles, they were convinced that after paying they will be able to withdraw the cash. Each of them paid Ksh1,500.

The time to withdraw came and when they requested for the money, the dashboard showed that the withdrawal request is pending. They resorted to calling Duncan Mugo, the man who started Doniti News.Sadly,he blocked all of them.

On Doniti News Facebook page, you’ll see several screen shots from members who have been paid. Well, those screen shots are fake.If you are keen, you’ll notice that most of those posting screen shots are pseudo accounts or Duncan’s friends who are given something so that they can post.They use Photoshop to generate the payment screen shots.

Nowhere on this earth you will be paid by reading news and commenting. If at all you want to prove it’s a scam, register for free, comment, like and post stories. When you are told to pay Ksh1,500 so that you can withdraw, tell them to pay the money first and then refund them Ksh1,500 once they have paid you…you will be blocked.