Minimum wage for security Guards in Kenya


The sad thing is that there is no minimum wage for security guards in Kenya. However, no security guard earns below Ksh3,000. The average pay for security guards is Ksh10,000 per month but those in town earn slightly higher than those in village towns. There is no body formed to set the minimum wage for security guards, the pay is determined by the forces of demand and supply.

The best security companies to work for are those owned by international companies like G4S and Wells Fargo. Here you will earn between Ksh14,000 and Ksh30,000 as a security guard.

For someone who aspire to join security companies in Kenya as a security guard, here are the average salaries you will earn:

G4S—Ksh 18,000 per month

KK Security—Ksh15,000 per month

Wells Fargo—Ksh 16,000 per month

Radar Security—Ksh 15,000 per month

Securex—Ksh 14,000 per month

The best paid security guards are those guarding buildings like central Bank of Kenya, Two Rivers Mall,KRA and other prestigious parastatals. They are paid better than security guards who are guarding ordinary buildings. For instance, a security guard at Two Rivers Mall earns Ksh35,000 per month while those guarding a business premise in Kawangware pockets less than Ksh15,000 per month yet the two are employed in the same company.