Mistakes to avoid when Selecting the best course to study in the University/College in Kenya


If you are about to select a course in the university, there are several mistakes to avoid. It’s important to know that you are studying for yourself not the community. Before you pick the right course, make sure you avoid the following mistakes.

  1. Not doing enough research

There are people who don’t do research at all to determine the most marketable courses in the country. All they do is to work on rumours. By not doing enough research, one might end up pursuing a useless course which will eventually bring miseries.

  1. Selecting a course beyond your abilities

There are hard courses which you should avoid when you know your abilities. For instance, if you know that you stole exams and scored A, don’t rush to pick Medicine, Engineering or Computer Science. It’s better you go for soft courses like Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of journalism.

  1. Not pursuing your passion

Most of the times, people pursue courses because they understand that they are good. Passion is everything and if you don’t have one, your life will be boring.

When you have your passion for anything, even if the pay is little, you will enjoy what you do and live longer. The course may not look as attractive as others but it will certainly be the best thing in your life. I think you have seen how most primary school teachers enjoy their lives despite earning little. That excitement is brought by passion.

  1. Listen to your parents and relatives but don’t always take their advice in regards to career choice.

Your parent may advise you to pick a certain course he thinks will make you a better person but when you look at your abilities and interests you find the course not appealing. If your parent tries to influence you against your wish, stand your ground and pursue the course you believe is the best for you. I have seen many parents make such mistakes and come to regret when life doesn’t go well with their kids.

  1. Don’t rush to pick courses in competitive universities

If you are an average student, it’s good to avoid competitive universities like UoN.The best students are admitted at UoN and it’s hard for average students to study in this universities. For instance, if you scored a B plain and you want to study statistics, it’s better to select Maseno University over UoN because Maseno might pick you. But if you make a mistake to pick Nairobi, chances are that you’ll not be selected.

  1. Make sure you do course revision

Students are given time to revise courses every year. Most of them select their courses while in high school even before results come. It’s after results come that students know which course suites them. Cluster points determine the type of a course one should pursue.

It’s when you go for revision that you can choose the most ideal course.