How to change your zuku wifi password


If you have lost your Zuku Wifi password or you intend to chance because people are accessing it, follow these steps to change your password:


Login to modem via cable using a laptop machine. Default IP is normally set to If you have previously changed this IP, then run ipconfig on a terminal window to get the IP of your default gateway. The IP address is typed on any web browser.

To login, follow this link


If you only want to modify the Wi-Fi name/SSID then you can access the modem using the existing Wi-Fi credentials. (You do not need a cable as the password is already known)

Via the login page, enter username as admin and password as password. Below page should pop up.

You are required to change your password regularly, at least once a month to prevent people from illegally accessing it.

If you live in a rental house where several people use the password, ensure that you change it once a week or monthly.