List of Maize Mill Brands Banned by KBS


Kenya Bureau of Standards has banned 17 maize meal brands form the market with immediate effect. The institution stated that none of the brands meets the required quality and that they must be withdrawn from the market.

Here is the list of 17 brands:
1. Dola by Eldoret Grain Millers
2. Tetema by Eldoret Grains Limited
3. African king by African Kings maize millers
4. Unique by Ndosha Limited
5. Mlo by Bidii Limited
6. City Corn Maize Meal by Central Afya Bora Maize Millers
7. Sarafina Maize Meal by Century Millers
8. Tosha Maize Meal by Godmesa Foods and Allied limited
9. Ahiba Maize Meal by Grango Suba Millers
10. Hakika Best by Halisi Maize Millers
11. Budget Maize Meal by Karibu Flour Mills
12. Wema Maize Meal by Luma Millers Limited
13. Jomba by Machakos Millers
14. Adardere Mupa by Mbaitu Maize Milling
15. Afya by Meru Multipurpose Cooperative Society
16. Uzima by Sigose Farm Company Limited
17. Sungura by Sungura Unga Millers

Dola is one of the most popular brands,sadly it was among the banned brands.