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Capital Required to Start a Movie Shop in Kenya


The capital required to start a movie shop in Kenya range between Ksh 70,000 and Ksh 130,000. The good thing is that movie shop business does not require many steps and equipment to set up.

First, you need a license from your country which costs Ksh3,000 to Ksh15,000. The most ideal license is single business license. You also need a license from The Kenya Films and Censorship Board(KFCB). This license costs Ksh 1,000 to Ksh3,000 per year. The last and most important license for any movie business is the license from Music Copyright Society of Kenya which costs average of Ksh 3,000 per year.

After securing the three licenses, the next step is to set up a movie shop. You will search for a house to host your business, it should be situated strategically, especially near colleges. Rental costs depend on location. One needs Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 20,000 per month, they also have to pay deposit which is refundable. The average amount you require in terms of rent is Ksh 30,000

Next is to equip your shop. You should have either a laptop or computer plus internet. This will cost Ksh 25,000 on average.

Other equipment required include:

1 LED T.V Ksh. 12,000
Woofers Ksh. 5,000
DVD Duplicator Ksh. 20,000
50 Blank DVDs Ksh. 500
2 Felt Pens Ksh. 100
Movie Posters (Papers + Printing cost) Ksh. 400
Furniture (Chairs, Counter, Bench etc) Ksh. 20,000
Envelopes for packing movies Ksh.300

On the lower side, you require Ksh 70,000 to start a movie shop in Kenya.If you are planning to start the shop in Nairobi, the amount will shoot up to Ksh130,000 due to rent and license fee.

The profit expected per month is Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 50,000.



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