Kisii and Luo night runners oppose Uhuru Kenyatta’ Curfew and urge him to declare them as “essential services “


Kisii and Luo nigh runners’ association has opposed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s curfew. Led by Mr Ombwori, the group argued that the curfew will lead to loss of business and disruption of their mandatory activities.

“We are saddened by Uhuru’s announcement. This is where we get our daily bread and we urge him to reconsider his position”,said Omwori.

In addition, the night runners urged the president to declare them as “essential services” if at all their demands won’t be fulfilled.

In unison, the group vowed to fight to the bitter end until their demands are met.

President Kenyatta today declared that from 27/3/2020 which is on a Friday there will be a curfew countrywide until further notice. He gave a list of essential services and deliberately ignored nigh runners, who are now fuming.