How a Doctor Who Inhaled Steam Recovered from Coronavirus


A Doctor who recovered from Corona illness and recovered in double quick time had inhaled Steam.

Steaming raises the temperature of lungs, throat and mouth so that if the virus is already there it gets inactivate due to high temperature.
Yes that’s true as viruses sit in the throat first.

That’s why even if there is someone sneezing in your office and you come home and inhale and gargle with warm water and salt, usually you will not get the flu.
I recommend for everyone who is able to do it –
1. Use steam inhalation everyday – morning and evening if possible,
2. Gargle with warm water and salt daily – morning and evening if possible.
This is a good daily practice which will improve your overall well-being and can be continued even after COVID19 ends.
Please also pass this information for the benefit of others.
Avoid spread of covid-19 stay home, stay safe