Where to buy N95 Masks in Kenya


N95 masks are the best recommended masks in Kenya. There are specific shops that sell such masks but they are more expensive than the regular masks.

N95 masks are mostly used by surgeons when conducting surgeries, they protect individuals from contracting coronavirus by 100%.

Here are places where you can buy the masks in Kenya:

  1. Nairobi Safety Shops

Nairobi Safety Shops are selling the masks at Ksh 12,000 each.The masks are limited because of high demand by informed Kenyans.

Nairobi Safety Shops website link: https://www.nairobisafetyshop.org


  1. Jumia

You can also get the masks from Jumia.The good thing is that you order online. If you need the mask,click here to visit Jumia website and order one

Jumia will deliver the masks to your house.

  1. Pharmacy Direct Kenya

Pharmacy Direct Kenya sells the masks for Ksh 12,250 each.


Telephone Number

Customer Services: 00254 775673333

Email Address: [email protected]

  1. 3M Kenya

Website link: https://www.3m.co.ke

  1. Medisurge

Website link: http://www.medsurgehealth.co.ke

  1. Safesol

Website link: https://safesol.co.ke

  1. Unipro Ltd

Website link: https://www.unipro.co.ke

  1. Goodlife Pharmacy

Website link: https://www.goodlife.co.ke

  1. Riera Tex

Website link: http://riera-tex.co.ke