Highest Paid Radio Presenters in Kenya


Radio presenters are among the highest paid media personalities in Kenya with a number pulling in over Ksh300,000 per month; the average amount a radio presenter takes home in Kenya is Ksh100,000 per month. Jeff Koinange leads other journalists as the highest paid radio presenter in Kenya with a monthly salary of Ksh2 million.

Radio presenters are paid based on the amount of experience they have accumulated over time and the revenues they generate for the company. The leading media houses in terms of salaries are Royal Media Services, Radio Africa and Nation Media Group.Mediamax and KBC are among the lowest paying media houses in Kenya.

Below we present the salaries of the highest radio presenters in Kenya:

  1. Jeff Koinange—Ksh 2 million per month
  2. Maina Kageni—Ksh 1.5 million per month
  3. Daniel Ndambuki (Mwalimu Kingangi)—Ksh1.2 million per month
  4. Jalango—Ksh900,000 per month
  5. Willy M Tuva—Ksh 800,000 per month
  6. Shaffie Weru—Ksh750,000 per month
  7. Kameme Goro—Ksh700,000 per month
  8. Andrew Kibe—Ksh 700,000 per month
  9. Mbusi—Ksh700,000 per month
  10. Vincent Ateya—Ksh500,000 per month
  11. Gidi—Ksh 450,000 per month

A number of presenters who host morning shows earn more than those hosting mid-morning shows. Generally, radio presenters earn less than news anchors by a big margin. It’s not uncommon to find a radio presenter in local stations earning Ksh30,000 per month.

Most of the presenters listed above have accumulated working experienced spanning more than 10 years and they are extremely influential. For instance, if Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi decide to leave Classic FM, it would be a big blow to the station, listeners will follow them to their new station.

There is also another important thing, more than half of the highest paid radio presenters in Kenya do not possess qualification in journalism, they are good in marketing. Someone like Maina Kageni is a school dropout but you won’t imagine he brings in more than half of the adverts in Classic FM.