Teaching Best Subject Combinations in Kenya


When joining college, there are few things to do first, like knowing which courses are marketable and the less marketable ones. As a teacher, you should pick the best subject combinations.

There was a time science courses used to be more marketable than humanities but it reached a time when scarcity of arts teachers was experienced. If there was someone with a combination of History and CRE they would secure employment immediately. There was also a time when computer was a hot cake course.

As a visionary student, you should follow job market dynamics and bearing in mind that a marketable course today may not be marketable in future. If you want to be marketable for the longest time possible as a teacher, pursue the following combinations in college:

  1. Mathematics and Physics
  2. Physics and Chemistry
  3. Mathematics and Computer/IT
  4. History and CRE
  5. Agriculture and Business Studies
  6. Physics plus and Biology
  7. English and Kiswahili
  8. English and Music
  9. Physics and computer
  10. Physics and Geography
  11. Kiswahili and CRE

Currently, anyone with specialization in computer and physics will secure employment faster than someone with a combination of regular courses like business studies. The best combination is Mathematics and Computer or Physics and Mathematics. For Arts courses, CRE and History is the best combination. Physics and Geography is also very marketable.

More men tend to move away from languages, the number of students pursuing them is low, thus creating a huge gap in the education system. Language teachers are on high demand in schools and it’s for this reason that majority of those joining colleges are advised to pursue them.

If you are good in sciences, please choose Mathematics and Physics and if you are good in humanities, choose CRE and Kiswahili. Specialization in computer/IT will also boost your chances of securing employment.