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List of Companies that Employ Electrical Engineers in Kenya


If you have pursued a degree or diploma in electrical engineering, there are specific companies to contact for employment. We are going to list all the companies in Kenya which employ engineers with specialization in electrical engineering.

The salary of an electrical engineer range between Ksh70,000 and Ksh 300,000 per month, but there are some companies that pay more than Ksh500,000 every month.

Here is the list of the companies to look for employment with a diploma or degree in electrical engineering:

  1. Kenya Power

Website link: https://kplc.co.ke/category/view/34/career-opportunities

  1. Kengen

Website link: https://www.kengen.co.ke/careers/

  1. Geothermal Development Company

Website link: https://www.gdc.co.ke/careers.php

  1. Kenya Pipeline

Website link: https://www.kpc.co.ke/vacancies/

  1. Nuclear Power and Energy Agency

Website link: https://www.nuclear.co.ke/index.php/information-center/careers/vacancies

  1. Energy &Power Regulatory Authority

Website link: https://www.epra.go.ke/vacancies/

  1. Ministry of Energy

Website link: https://energy.go.ke/?page_id=6838

  1. County governments
  2. Isuzu

Website link: https://www.isuzu.co.ke/

  1. Toyota Kenya

Website link: https://toyotakenya.com/careers/

  1. Davis& Shirtliff

Website link: https://www.davisandshirtliff.com/vacancies

  1. GE Africa

Website link: https://www.ge.com/africa/careers

  1. Virunga Power

Website link: http://virungapower.com/

  1. Kensen

Website link: http://kensen.co.ke/

  1. M-KOPA Solar

Website link: http://www.m-kopa.com/

  1. Ofgen

Website link: https://ofgen.co.ke/

  1. Bamburi Cement

Website link: https://www.lafarge.co.ke/9_5_A-Job_and_Internships

  1. Savannah Cement

Website link: http://www.savannahcement.com/

  1. National Industrial Training Authority

Website link: https://www.nita.go.ke/careers.html

  1. Turner and Townsend

Website link: https://www.turnerandtownsend.com/en/locations/africa/kenya/#

  1. Universities in Kenya
  2. H Young

Website link: http://hyoung.com/opportunities/

  1. EABL

Website link: https://www.eabl.com/

  1. BAT

Website link: http://www.batkenya.com/

  1. Kenya Urban Roads Authority

Website link: https://kura.go.ke/index.php/careers/job-opportunities

  1. Kenya Ports Authority

Website link: https://www.kpa.co.ke/Careers/Pages/Vacancies.aspx

  1. Kenya Railways

Website link: http://krc.co.ke/?page_id=588

  1. Jumba Engineering Services Limited

Website link: https://www.jesltd.co.ke/

  1. Mehta Electricals Limited

Website link: https://mehta.co.ke/

  1. Arm Engineering

Website link: https://www.armengineering.co.ke/

  1. Amacec Kenya Limited

Website link: https://amacec.co.ke/

  1. Match Electricals Limited

Website link: https://www.matchelectricals.co.ke/

  1. Polyphase Systems Limited

Website link: https://www.polyphase.co.ke/

  1. Unilever

Website link: https://www.unilever-ewa.com/careers/

  1. Nissan Kenya

Website link: http://www.nissankenya.com/contact-us/

  1. Tullow Oil Kenya

Website link: https://www.tullowoil.com/our-operations/africa/kenya/

  1. Shell Kenya

Website link: https://www.shell.co.ke/

  1. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

Website link: https://www.kcaa.or.ke/about-us/careers

Those are some of the companies you should approach for employment. We have provided a list that include HR contacts. KPLC,KenGen and Kenya Pipeline are among the highest paying companies. With a degree in electrical engineering and zero professional experience, you will earn more than Ksh 150,000 in KenGen, KPLC or Kenya Pipeline.

If you are a jobseeker, you should bookmark this article so that you can be checking regularly whether any of the listed companies has a job opening. I am sure that in a week,a couple of them must have opportunities.


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