List of Estates in Nairobi with Coronavirus


Coronavirus has been confirmed in 13 Nairobi Estates. The most cases are in Kilimani, Pipeline and Kawangware.

If you live within the following estates, make sure you protect yourself:

  1. Kilimani
  2. Kawangware
  3. Pipeline
  4. Utawala
  5. Mlolongo
  6. Eastleigh
  7. Buru buru
  8. Tasia
  9. Parklands
  10. Donholm
  11. Hurlingham
  12. Madaraka
  13. Ngara

Nairobi is the most affected City in Kenya with more than 150 cases. The sad news is that infections are done within the community.

Some of the most dangerous estates are Pipeline, Kayole, Kibra and Kawangware because they are overpopulated. The cases are rising and in the near future,all estates will confirm Covid-19 cases.

In case the temporary lockdown ends, make sure you leave the city to the village.The issue of coronavirus won’t end soon, it might extend to 2021.

We are also informed that one case was confirmed in Homa Bay today where a prominent personality travelled alongside his friends from Nairobi. The driver of the vehicle they were using tested positive.

Unless you lock yourself at home, it will be difficult to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Kenya.