Top 10 Most Preferred Universities by Employers in Kenya


Some universities are most preferred by employers in Kenya because they are believed to be producing the best students. When graduates attend interviews, employers may not necessarily look at the qualifications, first they’ll check where you graduated from. For instance, it’s hard for a graduates of medicine from MKU to perform better than someone from UoN.

Below are top 10 most preferred universities in Kenya:

  • University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi is the most preferred University in Kenya. The institution admits the best brains in the country and has the best courses. Some of the hot cake courses at the institution include:

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Actuarial Science

Almost every student who scores A, A- and B+ prefer the University of Nairobi over other universities.

Employers understand the quality of education at the institution, hence the scramble for their graduates.

  • Strathmore University

Strathmore University is a private university which specializes on business and mathematics courses. It’s the best private university in Kenya.

Bcom and BBIT students are most preferred by employers because majority of them have pursued CPA, ACCA or CFA as added advantage. It’s hard for graduates from other universities to compete with Bcom graduates from Strathmore.


If you want to employ the best IT and computer science graduates, JKUAT is the best university to get the best brains. Employers prefer JKUAT students because they are given the best training and do through research that lead to innovations.

  • Maseno University

Maseno University is best known for producing the best statisticians and journalists. Graduates of Maseno university are highly competent, intelligent and disciplined.

  • Kenyatta University

Kenyatta University’s ranking has been improving over time, it’s almost reaching the level of Nairobi University. Previously, best teachers and journalists used to come from this university but at the moment even the best doctors can be sourced from Kenyatta University.

  • Moi University

Moi University offers some of the best courses in Kenya, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Statistics etc. Since it’s one of the oldest universities in the country, majority of the employers recognize it.

  • Technical University of Kenya

Technical University of Kenya is the best when it comes to engineering courses. A graduate of Electrical Engineering from TUK is better than one from Mount Kenya University. Even at the moment, someone with a diploma in mechanical engineering from Technical University of Kenya will perform better than a master’s student at Mount Kenya University.

  • USIU

Graduates from USIU especially those with a degree in international relations perform extremely well at work. Employers argue that graduates from USIU have high self-esteem and confidence, which is why they stand out at work. You will confirm that by identifying USIU graduates working as journalists or PR experts.

  • Egerton University

Egerton University always ranks at position 1-5 in Kenya, it has always produced the best agriculture graduates.

  • University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

Baraton University produces the most disciplined graduates. In matters to do with theology, Baraton stands out. Teachers from Baraton are also among the best.

When it comes to colleges,Kenya Institute of Management,KMTC and KIMC are the best.