Is Spinach Farming Profitable in Kenya


Many Kenyans would know whether spinach farming is profitable in Kenya, the answer is yes. Spinach farming is as profitable as kale farming.

When you plant spinach, you don’t need more than one acre, even half an acre is enough. One acre will produce spinach that will generate up to Ksh 500,000 for three months. All that you need is to get available market especially in hotels. Previously, Kenyans were not enthusiastic about spinach but nowadays almost everyone is happy to take spinach+meat or spinach plus in a salad.

It’s hard for spinach farming to register losses because it’s not prone to pests. When you plant, you just wait for two to three months to harvest.

During drought, people will take more spinach as opposed to cabbages or kales. Spinach is sweeter and delicious especially when it’s boiled alongside meat.

I also have a farm where spinach is like a signature crop in the land. From December to March, I earn a lot of money from sales. From a quarter an acre, I can make more than Ksh200,000 in three months. Even when there is drought, spinach will still be available.

I always suggest that instead of planting cabbages, it’s better to plant spinach because it doesn’t require a lot of care and expenses. You will only harvest cabbages ones but spinach will be available for harvesting regularly.

When you have spinach in your farm, ensure that you get orders from hotels where you’ll be supplying regularly. One acre of spinach is enough to feed the entire town. You can also transport to Nairobi where the demand is high.