Most Profitable Fruits to Grow in Kenya


If you wish to make handsome profits in Kenya, there are specific fruits to grow. Some fruits will grow in specific areas; others may not grow in the country. For instance, if you grow Apple in Kenya, it won’t grow because of unfavorable climatic conditions.

Here is a list of the most profitable fruits to grow in Kenya

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the most sought after fruits especially during dry season. In areas like Nairobi, one tomato costs an average of Ksh10.If you plant tomatoes in one acre, you’re likely to earn Ksh2 million when the season is good.

The demand for tomatoes is always high.

The best areas to grow tomatoes include Kajiado, Kisii, Kiambu and most parts of rift Valley.

  • Avocado

Avocado are in high demand in China and Europe. One avocado goes for Ksh 200 and above. Nowadays people are replacing traditional cash crops like tea and coffee for avocado.

One harvest of avocado in a single acre will yield in excess of Ksh 3 million.

Even if you don’t sell export avocados, you can sell the locally—the demand is high every time.

  • Bananas

A single banana costs Ksh 10 in Nairobi and Mombasa. If you dedicate one acre for banana growing, you won’t lack at least Ksh1 million in a year.

People are substituting meat with bananas and potatoes.

The good thing is that bananas do not require a lot of labor like tomatoes. Out of the Ksh1.5 million you’ll be making each year, you’ll only spend Ksh 20,000 for labour.

Bananas do well in Kisii, Western, Rift Valley and Central Kenya.

  • Water Melon

About ten years ago watermelon was not marketable in Kenya but the modern generation realized its health benefits, which is why the demand is extremely high in urban areas.

When you grow watermelon, you don’t need any other job, the income from this fruit will cater for all the personal expenses.

One watermelon costs Ksh 50 to Ksh150 in Nairobi. One acre will produce more than 3,000 watermelons in 6 months. Assuming that you’ll sell a watermelon for Ksh100, it means you’ll earn Ksh 300,000 from one acre in six months.

The market for watermelon is ready, you can even sell before they ripen.

  • Mango

Nowadays, Eastern Kenya farmers earn a lot of money through mango farming. Though mangoes are harvested once a year, the money you generate from the sale is enough to sustain you for years. One mango in Nairobi and Mombasa costs Ksh 10-Ksh50.If you plant mangoes in one acre, you’ll earn an average of Ksh 2 million per year.

  • Oranges

There is no time the market for orange will be flooded. If you discover that your area is good for orange farming, do away with other crops and concentrate on orange farming. You will make more than Ksh3 million from one-acre piece of land.

This is the time of replacing cash crops for fruit farming. Cash crops like tea may not benefit you in the long run because of low returns. You can sell watermelon once and earn in excess of Ksh10 million.