How to Cheat on Your Partner without Being Caught


There are many ways in which you can cheat on your partner/spouse without being caught. Cheating for a long time is not an easy thing, you need experience and strategy. For you to succeed in this game, do the following:

  1. Delete all chats immediately you finish communicating with her/him

After finishing communications, make sure you delete all the chats immediately. By doing so, you will not give your spouse a chance to know what you have been up to.

If you fail to delete immediately, your wife/husband may stumble on them anytime you’re around.

  1. Avoid WhatsApp and SMSs, always embrace calls

It’s easier to be caught when you interact with her on WhatsApp or SMS than when you call. There is less evidence when you call than when sending messages.

The best thing to do is to call when your partner is not around, when she is around, block the person you are cheating with. They should also be aware that you have blocked them. If you can’t block, make sure they are aware of when to contact you.

  1. Always use protection when having intimacy

Using protection will prevent you from unwanted pregnancies. In case you don’t use protection and by bad luck she gets pregnant, your wife will eventually know. Pregnancy is one that mostly expose men because they run from responsibilities.

  1. Avoid taking the person you are cheating with to your matrimonial home

Majority of men get caught when they take women to their matrimonial home. When you take them, there are neighbours who might spot them and report you. The woman may also be using cosmetics which may put you in trouble.

If possible, take the lady to a guest house far from your neighbourhood.

  1. Avoid telling your friends about the relationship

If you have someone you are seeing, the best thing to do is to avoid telling your friends or relatives about it.One day, your friend will betray you especially when you get at logger heads with them. It’s better to know it for yourself, if the person you are cheating with decides to expose you, then you won’t have any choice but to deal with the consequences.

  1. Treat your wife nicely, buy her gifts and make her comfortable.

When you make your wife comfortable, she will become blind—she won’t even check your phone. Most cheaters have ensured that there is no trail, first they make sure their wives have everything they desire on earth, then pretend that nothing is happening outside their marriage. With this attitude, you will cheat for several years without being caught.

  1. Don’t share, like or comment on anything the person is posting online

If you want peace, avoid sharing, commenting and liking what the person you are cheating with is posting online.

Women are intelligent, they will always spot their threats by looking at what their husbands are doing online. They will keenly monitor their targets and eventually find out the truth.

  1. Be at the right place at the right time—be predictable

If your wife knows that you are always at home by 7 pm, make sure you are at home every day before that time. If you make a mistake to get late ones, twice or a couple of times without any concrete reason, she will start suspecting you—you will eventually be caught.

  1. Don’t own things you can’t explain the source

If you are cheating on your husband, you must not own something you can’t explain where you got from. For instance, owning a car when you don’t have a salary yet your husband did not buy for you.

  1. After meeting her, make sure you take a shower and avoid using soap

After meeting the person you are cheating with, make sure you don’t smell funny, take a shower minus soap .You should also ensure that there is no strange smell that will make your wife doubt you.