The Amount of Money Kipchumba Murkomen Will Lose as the Senate Majority Leader


Kipchumba Murkomen was yesterday humiliated in front of his family and friends after losing the majority leader position in the Senate. The Senator cried uncontrollably as he came to terms with the thunder that struck him in the most sensitive parts of the body.

He not only lost his seat but also self-esteem and money. Below is the amount he lost as the Majority Leader in the Senate:

  1. Gross Salary Reduces From Ksh1, 056,000 to Ksh710,000 (normal senators earn a gross of ksh 710,000)
  2. Monthly Car Fuel Allowance Reduces from Ksh100,000 to NIL. Only senators in leadership positions get this fuel card.
  3. Allocation of three motor vehicles – all above 4500cc with GK plates for official use, ends.
  4. Allocation of Ksh300,000 monthly to the Office of Majority Leader, for hospitality, ends.
  5. Mandatory police escort, gone with the wind.
  6. Allocation of 8 bodyguards, all trained police officers—withdrawn
  7. A Researcher, Legal Counsel, Fiscal Analyst and Media Officer withdrawn
  8. A PA of his choice, paid by GoK, Two Secretaries, Two Office assistants, all paid by GOK, withdrawn.
  9. Influence in Government parastatals to cut deals and get tenders & contracts gone with the wind.

Meanwhile,Murkomen will stay in the cold and hope that Ruto will win the presidency in 2022.


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