Amount of Money Edgar Obare Receives to Expose Celebrities


Edgar Obare is the name on the lips of every Kenyan because of exposing several celebrities. What most Kenyans don’t know is that the man does not expose anyone for free, he is paid to do the job. Over the past one year, he has exposed over 10 celebrities, including Jalango.

Edgar charges a client Ksh 100,000 to Ksh2 million to expose a celebrity. The amount is paid via proxies to avoid being sued. In addition to the huge amount of money he receives, Edgar also gets protection from the clients.

The main aim of Edgar’s clients is to punish their enemies and completely destroy their reputation. This happens when a deal goes sour and one of the participants feels betrayed. Since friends do so many things in secret, Edgar is approached with verified information. First, he contacts his prey to seek his opinion, if he is not ready to part with some cash, he goes ahead to expose them.

One of Edgar’s victims is Jalango, who claims he lost over Ksh20 million in deals after Edgar exposed his ‘boys club’. Jalango went ahead to defend himself on Facebook but the damage had already been done. Sources say that Edgar had approached Jalango in April about the story but the comedian didn’t bother to part with something, he went ahead to expose him after being paid more than Ksh200,000 from one of the members in the ‘Boys Club’

If Edgar exposes 2 people in a month, he makes over Ksh300,000.