Best side Hustles for Teachers in Kenya


Kenyan teachers have at least three months in a year when they are free to do side hustles. The best hustles for them are those that do not disrupt their regular teaching activities.

Since salaries for teachers aren’t sufficient enough to afford basic needs and luxuries, a side hustle is important. Below are some of the most ideal side hustles for Kenyan teachers, some of them would make them millionaires.

  • Farming

Farming is the best side hustle for teachers who would prefer earning extra cash outside their full time job. The most profitable crops to grow include: tomatoes, cabbages, carrots, spinach and kales. You can also plant onions, watermelon and mangoes. You need a capital of as little as Ksh10,000.

  • Holiday Tuition

There are parents who need their children to study during holidays. If you are a good teacher, they will definitely look for you. Alternatively, you can market your skills online, especially on Facebook.

When I finished school, that was about 20 years ago, I used to do holiday tuition for Ksh 200 per day. The money was sweet and sufficient.

If a teacher engages in holiday tuition, he will grow faster than teachers who relax when they are not on session.

  • Posho mill business

If you work in a village setting, think about posho mill business, it’s profitable. Posho mill is easy to manage, you only require one employee, probably a relative. The capital needed is less than Ksh200,000.

In a month, a posho mill will yield more than Ksh 30,000 in profits.

  • Online tuition classes

I have seen Babu Owino providing online classes and Kenyans are excited about that. I will advise you to start a blog where to post education materials and earn from AdSense and sponsored content. In addition, start a YouTube channel. Through your online media, you’ll be able to reach out to many Kenyans and eventually start getting offline jobs. To create a blog, you require less than Ksh 25,000, that’s domain registration, web hosting and web design services. I will encourage you to seek the services of Kenya Website Experts,click here to visit their websites and register a domain

  • Selling clothes and shoes to your workmates and community members

Start a boutique shop where you will sell clothes and shoes to your workmates and members of the community. The staff room will provide an ideal environment where to advertise your products. The teacher will introduce you to their friends, relatives and neighbours. You can also start a Facebook page where to advertise the products.

  • Build rental houses

Rental houses are the best source of recurring income. Some of your fellow teachers will be staying in your houses and pay you at the end of the month.

  • Selling revision papers online

You can also start a blog where you sell revision papers online. I am sure if you start this business, you will become a millionaire overnight. Your target should be standard 8 and form fours. Collect all the past KCPE and KCSE papers, then get the answers and post online. If someone wants to access them, they have to pay to get a password. Charge Ksh 50 per paper. In a day, you’ll sell over 100 papers.

Make sure to include mock papers for various districts and national schools. Later, include college and university past papers.

To start such kind of a blog, visit Kenya Website experts via this link and create a free account, then contact them to create a blog cheaply.

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  • Dairy farming

Dairy farming is also ideal for Kenyan teachers. Since most teachers work near their ancestral homes, they won’t find any problem with what to feed the cows and how to manage them.

Your aim is to have 2-10 cows which will yield at least 2,000 litres of milk per month.If you sell each litre Ksh60,you’ll earn Ksh 120,000 every month. You may even be tempted to quit your job.

  • Taxi business

Taxi business is good nowadays because of technology. Companies like Uber have made it easier to manage this kind of business. If you have one vehicle registered with Uber,you’ll earn Ksh60,000 every month. Your driver will earn Ksh 20,000, then you remain with Ksh40,000.

  • Tent and chairs business

Another business that’s doing good is tent and chairs business for hire. There are many celebration and events going on in the village and it will be to your advantage if you buy chairs and tents which will be hired. Even if you earn Ksh10,000 per month, that’s better than nothing.