SEMrush Free Trial: Here is How to Spy on Your Competitors Trending Content


SEMrush is the best tool you will use to spy on the content that’s trending among your competitors. The free trial version is available for everyone who wishes to test whether the tool works or not, click here to register for free

SEMrush free trial tool exists for 7 days. During this period, you are able to access all the features that are available on the premium plans.

Here are some of the best features of the free trial version:

  • You’ll access historical data from other sites
  • You’ll know which articles in your site have dropped in rankings and make necessary changes
  • You will know how your articles compete against articles from your competitors
  • You will monitor traffic for your website
  • You will know the prices of each keyword and which among the keywords you wish to write about cost the highest amount. For AdSense members, this tool will help you to select high cost keywords.

After the expiry of the free trial,you can decide to purchase the pro plan that costs $99.95 per month.Click here to learn more about SEMrush plans

If you own a new blog, SEMrush is the tool you will use to identify the articles that are trending on other sites, then write using your own style to rank too. Within a week, you’ll discover that your blog’s traffic has more than doubled.

The tool is also useful for e-commerce sites. This one will help you to identify the most sold products among your competitors. You will use this information to stock the same products. More than 3,000 e-commerce sites are currently using the tool,you can sign up for the free trial here

Writing SEO friendly articles, especially the long tail keyword articles will significantly improve the SEO score of your site. This is where SEMrush comes in.At the end of the day, nobody in your industry will rank better than you.