Why You Should Not Marry a Kisii Woman—Marry Her at Your Own Risk


If you marry a Kisii woman, you’ll be in trouble. Though they are good cooks, there are high chances you will regret the whole of your life if you make a mistake to marry one. Have you wondered why most Kisii men don’t marry Kisii women? Here are the reasons.

They play hard to get but they are so cheap. The first time you approach a Kisii woman, you may think she’s a virgin. She might take up to 3 years to accept you but you will get disappointed. This lady will give up to 30 men in one month but you won’t know.

She is average looking. Kisii women aren’t as beautiful as women from other tribes—they are just average. Just look around for any average woman and ask here where she comes from,she will gladly say Kisii.

Most of them are not intelligent. Only a quarter of Kisii women are intelligent, majority are D materials. If you marry such a woman when you know well that children often take the genes of their mother, you will give birth to zombies. But there are outliers, about 10% of them who are intelligent.

Professional gossipers. There is no tribe in Kenya that gossips like Kisii women. These people can sit,talk for 24 hours nonstop—they don’t have meaningful stories, theirs is to gossip about other people.

If you aren’t careful,you can marry a witch. Some Kisii women are witches, though the culture is slowly dying. Before you marry a Kisii woman, do thorough research to determine which family she comes from. My friend, if you marry a witch, you are completely finished—you can’t divorce her, you can’t discipline her, you can’t do anything, your work will be to obey what she tells you.

They are rude and arrogant. Most Kisii women are extremely rude, arrogant and abusive.Even if she is wrong, she can’t accept her mistakes. If you try to question her,she starts abusing you and throwing at you anything she finds near her.Utachoka tu na yeye.

Apart from those qualities, there is also the good side of Kisii women.Kisii women will never divorce you no matter what, they will persevere until death.They are also good cooks.