Jalango’s Salary at Kiss FM


Comedian Jalango has officially joined Kiss FM after being sacked from Milele FM.What has surprised many is the amount of money he will be making at Kiss FM. A reliable source who saw his contract revealed to us that his monthly salary will be Ksh 1.2 million, which is slightly below what Maina Kageni earns at the station—Maina pockets Ksh1.5 million every month.

Jalango will officially start working for Kiss FM August 2020 where he will partner with Kameme Goro.He replaces Andrew Kibe who resigned after being at loggerheads with his boss for several months. Kibe was accused of not delivering as per the company’s expectations.

Before joining Kiss FM, Jalango was working at Milele FM alongside Mwakideu.His monthly salary was Ksh 750,000. He replaces Andrew Kibe who was pocketing Ksh700,000 per month.

Though he is elated to join Radio Africa, it seems Jalango is aspiring to own his own media house. He recently started Jalango TV which is giving YouTubers and Influencers a run for their money.