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Marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya 2020


Every Kenyan student is aiming to make it big in life,but this dream can’t be realized without pursuing a marketable diploma course.As of 2019 there are a couple of courses that would give you a job instantly and others which are not marketable at all.

There are several colleges in Kenya that offer Diploma Courses, majority of them specialize in Finance and Accounting Courses.

Most students who don’t attain the mandatory C+ grade to be admitted to undergraduate level prefer pursuing a diploma course before they move to a degree course.

If you intend to pursue a Diploma in Kenya, then you should go for one of the following courses.

1. Communication and Journalism
This is one of the best courses in Kenya but you should be careful which route to follow because not all the subject you major in will get a suitable job after college.

In this era of social media, many companies are recruiting Social Media Experts, if you manage to go this line then you’ll be lucky to be absorbed in the job market before you graduate.

The best Colleges and Universities you can enroll for the course include Daystar University,University of Nairobi,USIU,Kenya Institute of Management,Kenyatta University and Maseno University.

2. GIS and Remote Sensing
The course is not saturated and many form four leavers shun it simply because they don’t have knowledge of what it’s all about.

The course requires one to specialize in Mapping, Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis and Geography. If you are good in Geography and Mathematics, then go for it.

The colleges and Universities that you can study GIS and Remote Sensing in Kenya include Kenyatta University,Technical University of Kenya (TUK) and JKUAT.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation/Project Management
Monitoring and evaluation and project management courses are highly related

The course content prepares one for research, data manipulation, data analysis, and designing of project studies. Once you are through with course work you are likely to land in a very good NGO.

The best colleges and Universities you can enroll for the program include Kenya Institute of Management (KIM),AMREF,University of Nairobi,JKUAT and Maseno University.

4. Nursing
Every hospital in Kenya require nurses in order to be fully functioning, that’s why pursuing Nursing is the best thing to happen to any Kenyan of great ambitions.

The best college to pursue Nursing is Kenya Medical Training School or Universities like the University of Nairobi and Moi University.

5. Customer Care/Front Office
Though most Kenyans believe that the course is flooded, there are several opportunities for Customer Care fresh graduates and even the experienced ones.

Every office needs a Front Office Secretary/Receptionist to welcome visitors, receive calls and reply to company emails; that’s why you should be part of the group.

The best colleges you can enroll for the course include NIBS,KIMC,Daystar , USIU and Technical University of Mombasa.

6. Quantity Survey
This is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya. The only requirement is a C- or C plain in KCSE then you enroll for the course.

The best thing with Quantity Survey is that you can employ yourself when you are not interested in working for someone.

The best Universities to enroll for this course include JKUAT,UoN and Moi University.

7. Electrical Engineering
A Diploma in Electrical Engineering will open so many doors for you. This course is very good for people who want to be self-employed or to work for industries as technicians.

It’s well paying and when you gain enough experience, you have a chance to open your own firm.

The best institutions offering this course include Technical University of Kenya (TUK),UoN,JKUAT and Moi University.

8. Information Technology/IT
IT is very marketable since every institution requires these specialists to work on their systems.

If you are gifted in sciences then this is the course to pursue in college and become one of the most sought graduates in Kenya.

The best institutions to study include UoN,JKUAT,IAT and Moi University.


Accounting is regarded as one of the most marketable courses in Kenya since every company need accountants in order to operate effectively.

The course becomes more important if you add professional courses like CPA,CIFA,CCP,CFA and ACCA.

If you possess accounting qualifications it might take less than  2 months to secure a well paying job in Kenya.

10.Sales and Marketing

Though the pay is little, sales and marketing profession is marketable in Kenya but requires patience and good communication skills in order for one to prosper.

As a sales and marketing professional, you can’t miss anything to do after school since companies always require people to push their products to the market.

Diploma in Cooperative Management

The course is not common among many Kenyans but a secret has been revealed today;the course is very marketable.

Many Saccos are coming up and they require experts,if you are one of them then lucky you!

The best College to study this course is the Cooperative University College of Kenya

Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies

Purchasing and Supplies is one of the most marketable diploma courses in the country as many companies are in need of graduates with the qualifications.

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

The course is offered in colleges like Kenya School of Monetary studies,Strathmore University and KCA University.It’s a very good course for Kenyans who intend to be Financial Analysts,Accountants and Cashiers.



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