Why You Should Not Marry a Kenyan Man Earning Below Ksh 100,000


If you are married to a man earning less than Ksh100,000 per month, leave him immediately—you made a terrible mistake. As a lady, you should not accept a proposal from a man earning less than Ksh100,000 per month especially if he is above 35 years-old. Somebody of that age has already decided that he isn’t going to work hard and he will die poor.

A salary or income of Ksh100,000 is considered the most ideal for a person in Kenya who is hanging between riches and poverty, anything below is disastrous.

The major reason you should avoid a man earning less than Ksh100,000 per month are:

  • He will be intimidated by your success

Assuming that you are 24 years old and your man is 35. He picked you from college and married you when you were naïve. When you complete your Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, you’ll secure a job paying you Ksh300,000 per month. Do you think a man earning Ksh35,000 will show you teeth—he will be intimidated.

The only man who can be comfortable with your huge salary is someone who has invested enough, he has his own home and he’s not living in debts.

  • You will be admiring women married by successful men

Every single day, you’ll be admiring other women because they look more comfortable and happier. You’ll see a woman driving a nice car bought by her husband and wish that your husband could afford. You don’t deserve this kind of discomfort at all.

  • You can easily cheat on him

If you meet a man earning over a million per month and entices you with the money,aki ya mungu you’ll cheat on your man.You will not cheat because you are loose, but because your man is below average in regards to finances.

  • The man will always be insecure especially if you are moving at a rocket speed

If your career is going up and up, you’ll face a monster in the house, your man won’t be comfortable with you.  Only a few men would be comfortable seeing their women rising careerwise, average men are often insecure.

  • Bad genes

There is strong correlation between income and wisdom. A man who makes more money is wise. That wisdom will be inherited by children. A man earning less than Ksh100,000 and is comfortable with that yet you are struggling with life is not wise. If you don’t want bad genes for your children, marry a man who earn more money.

  • Your life will stagnate

You can’t do much with a salary of Ksh50,000. Your life will always be moving at a slow pace while your peers are eating life with a big spoon.

  • He will rarely perform in bed

When you are broke, even your thing may not perform perfectly. Your man will be a one minute jogoo….this means that you will lose in bed and in life.

  • A broke man is a bitter man

Happiness is brought by money,without money,someone is angry and bitter.Most of the time you’ll be fighting or arguing with your man because he isn’t fulfilling his roles.To be safe,choose a man earning more than Ksh100,000.

  • If your man dies,he will leave you in trouble

Marry a man who will die and leave you with something to eat afterwards.A man earning less than Ksh100,000 will not get enough to invest and save.