Tribes with Most Beautiful Ladies in Kenya


Which tribes in Kenya have the most beautiful ladies? Well, they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but in most circumstances, there are ladies you will look at and your eyes accept that she is indeed beautiful. Others are too ugly that you can’t look at her twice. There are women who everyone wants a piece of her and there are those no man wants to get associated with.

Here are tribes with most beautiful women in Kenya:

  • Kikuyu

Kikuyu women are extremely beautiful—they are the most beautiful ladies in Kenya. Their skin is flawless, their smile is infectious and body as curvy as a Cocacola bottle. Though there are those with flat behind, majority of them score over 99% in regards to beauty. In general,9 out of 10 Kikuyu ladies are beautiful, which is why men sell everything to keep them happy.

Kikuyu women are also the most intelligent tribe in Kenya.

  • Kamba

Kamba ladies may not be as intelligent as Kikuyu but they are extremely beautiful. The only problem with most Kamba women is that they aren’t as faithful as Kikuyu women. What I like most about Kikuyu women is that when they are well fed, catered for financially and have a business that keeps them busy, they can’t cheat on you. But if you are married to a Kamba woman, lazima umpatie kitu at least daily ndio joto ipoe. If you leave her for one month, be sure another man will be enjoying the fruits.

Kamba women give birth to beautiful girls and handsome boys, though they are mostly short. If you want your children to be admired by neighbours and passersby, marry a Kamba lady.

  • Taita

Taita are the most beautiful ladies and are mostly found in Mombasa. In life they are average but when it comes to beauty, they score 99%. Your children may not score A in school but will have good genes—beautiful and handsome will be their other names.

It’s hard to find an ugly Taita…oh before I forget, these women are excellent cooks—Ukimwoa utakula ushibe.

  • Maasai

If you have not seen beauty, go to Kajiado, Kitengela, Mara and several parts of Maasai rich counties and witness how beautiful Maasai women were created. What I like about the Maasai is that their beauty is natural—hakuna kubleach.

  • Embu

Embu are cousins to Kikuyu, there was intermarriages between the two tribes until Embu women started developing Kikuyu traits. These women are blessed with beauty, they are also faithful.

  • Luo

Luo women may be black but they are blessed with the behind. What impresses a man most is the face and behind, Luo women may not have the best of the face but their behind is perfect. If you don’t get one that has bleached her skin and your eyes admires her being, then that lady is an angel. It’s fun having a Luo lady around.

  • Luhya women

Luhya women are loyal and beautiful—most of them have natural beauty. If you want a wife material who can cook up to 10 times a day, marry a Luhya woman.

Luhya women are chocolate in colour, they are blessed with heavy behind and loving face.