Dennis Okari Salary


Dennis Okari is an Investigative Journalist at NTV, one of the best journalists in Kenya. The former husband of Betty Kyallo earns a monthly salary of Ksh 700,000.

Dennis has worked for BBC where he pulled in over Ksh800,000 per month. But he never stayed at the giant media station for long, he was forced to seek an opportunity at NTV.

There are few investigative journalists in Kenya, which is why the likes of Okari are well renumerated. After the exit of Mohammed Ali who joined politics and later won Nyali Parliamentary seat, Okari was left as the senior most investigative Journalist in Kenya. He has acquired professional experience spanning over 12 years.

Apart from his duties of Investigative Journalism, he also anchors news at NTV.

 The Ksh700,000 salary is exclusive of bonuses and other allowances. In total, Dennis takes home more than Ksh700,000 per month.

After tax,this is what Okari takes home every month:

Results: (New Tax Rates – 2020)
BASIC PAY:700,000.00
TAXABLE PAY:699,800.00
INCOME TAX:168,849.86
Personal Relief:-2,400.00
PAY AFTER TAX:533,350.14
NET PAY:531,650.14