Best Places to Look for Employment in Nakuru


There are several companies which offer employment in Nakuru.If you hold a diploma, certificate or a degree and actively looking for employment, you only go to companies with job opportunities. We are going to list the best companies which offer employment for graduates in Nakuru County. Here is the list:

  1. Simba Cement Nakuru
  2. Kabarak University
  3. Merica Hotel
  4. Sarova Woodlands Hotel
  5. Woolmatt Supermarket
  6. Royal Group Industries Ltd
  7. Comply Industries
  8. Menengai Company
  9. Gilanis Industries
  10. Lake Nakuru National Park
  11. Nakuru County Government
  12. Sameer Africa Limited
  13. Petrol Stations
  14. Private Primary and Secondary Schools
  15. Prestige Shuttle
  16. Molo Line Shuttle
  17. Java Nakuru
  18. Winston Hotel
  19. Universities
  20. Egerton University Sacco
  21. Cosmopolitan Sacco

There are several other companies employing graduates within Nakuru.The best way to search for employment is by dropping blind applications. However, if you want to secure employment easily, move to Nairobi where most companies are located.It will take less time to secure employment in Nairobi than in Nakuru.