Shocking Number of Licenses Required To Start Water Refill and Packing Company in Kenya


Water is a natural resource but since rain water is scarce, there are companies which refill and package clean water and sell to clients. Starting a water refilling and packaging company would be a great idea for Kenyan youths but the government has made it almost impossible to start the business.

If you want to register a company that sells clean water in Kenya, here are the number of licenses you need to acquire:

1. County Single permit License 18,500/-
2. Public Health Licence and Testing 13,000/-
3. KEBS certification 102,000/-
4. KRA Custom Excise Licence 50,000/-
5. KRA Custom Excise Bond 300,000/-
6. KRA Custom Excise Stamp Minimum 50000/-
7. NEMA License 33,000/-
8. Mandatory Independent Testing Lab and MOU 15,000/-

On top
9. There is 0.5% of Monthly turnover Stardards Level tax.
10. Not forgetting the Ksh 5.47 excise for every litre of water sold.

**That’s NOT All**
Each county requires you to have a distribution license charged annually… If you sell your water in five counties you have to obtain licenses from each, which can go up to 50k in some counties

Public health licenses notwithstanding.

From the list above, it means that you need a capital of more than Ksh2 million to start such a company in Kenya.