6 Tips to Save Electricity While Staying Warm


Our world has drastically changed in the past few decades, with household gas and electricity being partially responsible for an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to clean power is a great way to reduce the impact that your home may cause on the environment. As you continue to social distance and spending more time at home, you will be using more energy in the house. While the introduction of renewable energy has reduced our dependency on fossil fuels for electricity, the latter remains our chief source of power for household appliances. 

During chilly months, there is an increased dependence on room heaters to keep your home warm and comfy. While it is true that electricity usage can spike significantly with all the heating appliances in use, it is essential to try reduce wasted energy and overall electricity expense whilst staying safe and warm.

Unplug heaters that aren’t in use

Never leave a heater on when you are not around. It will merely waste electricity and heat, not to mention, it is also a major fire hazard. When you keep unused heaters unplugged, you’re saving electricity and ensuring your safety.

Save energy by adjusting your thermostat. 

A properly installed and programmed thermostat can help save money on your utility bill. The best way to help save energy and money during the colder months is to dial down your home’s temperature by two degrees. You could save up to 10% on your electricity bill by programming your thermostat to be at a lower temperature at night and after you leave for work. 

Keep a consistent temperature.

Rather than continuously turning it on and off, keep your heat consistently low to save energy. This is because your boiler uses a lot of energy to warm to high heat after being cold. Energy is wasted when it gets too hot and needs to be cooled again. 

Heavy curtains help a lot.

Consider buying quilted curtains that can increase your comfort and let you keep the temperatures down. Quilted curtains cover draughty windows, making your room feel warmer at a lower temperature. A pair of thermal curtains will work just fine at keeping the heat in your house, so when it’s chilly outside, close them and stay cozy. 

Treat yourself to a winter throw

Putting a soft and luxurious blanket over your duvet not only makes the room look lovely, but it will also make a world of difference on cold nights, meaning you can keep your heating at a lower temperature.

Insulation saves electricity

The more insulated your home is, the easier it is to maintain comfortable temperatures and achieve proper air circulation and heating. Proper insulation means less electricity as your appliances and heating have easier jobs.

Let the sunshine in

Natural sunlight is the best way to warm up your home and save electricity. Open the drapes or blinds on sunny days and enjoy the “free” heat whenever the sun comes, even if it is for an hour. Keep those south-facing windows squeaky clean to let the light through.

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