Mistakes to Avoid When Betting for Football Matches


When betting for football matches, there are several mistakes to avoid especially if you’re a newbie. Gambling is all fun until you start losing. By avoiding the obvious mistakes, you increase the chances of winning and reduce the losing probabilities.

If you want to be a consistent gambler, here are mistakes to avoid while betting on football matches:

  • Choose a reliable betting site and stick to it

It’s important to identify a reliable betting site and stick to it.Some betting sites delay paying winners, others don’t even pay—these are the type of betting sites to avoid. Always choose a betting site with high odds, zero withdrawal charges and frequent bonuses. If you bet on several websites, you might confuse yourself and eventually lose your money.

I will suggest that you select 22Bet because it’s high ratings. This is one of the few betting sites which do not charge any money when one is withdrawing from their account. The company also offers 100% welcome bonus to every new member. To register for 22Bet,click on this link

  • Don’t spend all your money on one bet.

One thing you should avoid completely is to spend all your money on one bet even if you are 100% sure that the bet will win. In football, you can’t be sure of any team until the game is over even if it’s a strong team with 1.01 odds.

If you have Ksh1,000 in your pocket, spend Ksh500 and leave the rest just in case.

  • Don’t pay for betting tips if you don’t know the tipster well

One mistake gamblers make is paying for betting tips to someone they don’t understand. There are scammers all over, especially Telegram who promise to offer fixed matches. These people have screenshots of huge winnings which they show to unsuspecting prey. Once they receive your money, you won’t hear from them again.

Before paying for betting tips, make sure that you check for information of that person or company online. If the company has a website, Facebook page, contact details and some history of providing betting tips, you can trust them.

One of the red signs is the amount of money demanded by tipsters. If someone asks for more than Ksh3,000 for one day games, that’s a scammer. Even if the deal looks sweet, please avoid that person as a plague.

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  • Avoid low scoring matches

Low scoring matches will always spoil your bets. Countries like Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Morocco, South Africa and UAE are among those with low scoring matches. Teams in those countries are highly unpredictable and often fix matches. Betting companies are always excited when you bet for those matches because they know you will always lose.

If possible, bet for teams in the EPL, Bundesliga, Norway, Austria and Netherlands.

  • Don’t combine too many games

I know it’s exciting when combining several games but doing so is disastrous. The more games you combine, the higher the chances of losing that bet. If you wish to win consistently, don’t combine more than 5 games.

  • Avoid combining correct score matches.

Correct score games have high odds, more than 3 odds per game. If you combine more than one game, you stand almost 1005 chances of losing.

There is a temptation of combining matches because the odds shoot to even 1,000, but this will leave you in disappointments.

  • When you win, don’t bet with the winning amount

The moment you win, take a break until the following day. If you continue betting with the winning amount, you’ll lose even the stake.

  • You should know when to surrender.

Every gambler should know when to surrender. It’s good to have a budget for a day such that when it’s exhausted, take a break until the following day.If you don’t have principles, you’ll sell even your land to finance your gambling habit.