How to Bet for Bongobongo Jackpot via SMS


Instead of visiting Bongobongo website every week to bet for the jackpot, you can do so via SMS and get to win Ksh2 million. Betting through SMS saves time and data bundles.

Step 1

    Send “JPGAMES” to 29646

    Receive an SMS with the Jackpot games and we give an example with the jackpot procedure.


    Send JP#[Predictions] to 29646 … for example: “JP#x1211xX2x122112”

    Get back an SMS confirming the bet with jackpot id, the predictions, and the start and end date of the jackpot.

The jackpot contains 15 games where the total amount of money to be won is Ksh 2 million. The bonuses start from 10 correct predictions. The stake amount is Ksh10.

To register for Bongobongo jackpot,follow this link