Strange Things That Happen when Betting For football Matches


I have never understood why some things happen when betting for football matches. Every gambler has faced one or many of the scenarios we are going to list here.

Gambling is a strange activity. Before you start betting, it’s easy to predict matches but immediately you become active in betting, the activity becomes difficult.

Here are some of the strange things you’ll be experiencing while betting for football matches:

  • It’s only one game that spoils your bet.

You may have more than 10 games in a slip, every game goes through except one. No matter how many games you have in a slip, only one of them will destroy the bet. To make it worse, the one you were sure of is the one that destroys the bet.

  • Over/Under 2.5 goals

When you are analyzing games, you’ll certainly spot one where under/over 2.5 goals has never been experienced since the teams started meeting. Knowing very well that today’s game will follow previous results, you stake high. That day you are betting is when the result is exactly opposite.

Last week, there was a game I was analyzing, I remember it’s from Egypt. Since 2000, the teams have been meeting and there is no single day the total score exceeded 2. Since I was sure the result will be either 0,1 or 2 goals, I staked high. Shockingly, by first half, the total goals were 3. The game ended with 5 goals. That night I didn’t sleep, I was imagining how the teams waited until I placed a bet for them to disappoint me.

  • When you don’t bet, that’s when your slip wins

There is one Saturday I analyzed matches, but I was so lazy to bet for them because I had lost a lot of money before. The slip had 200 odds. After all the games had played, I was shocked that the slip won—sad that I didn’t bet.

  • The teams with red card wins

There are some circumstances where a team with red card wins. This has happened to me severally and it affects those who bet on Live matches. There was a time a team which was trailing 0:1 received a red card, I thought the other teams could win—it was obvious—and hurriedly loaded my account and placed a live bet of Ksh10,000. The match ended 2-1 in favour of the home team.

  • The team you include in every slip is the one that fails all the slips

Hahahaha!!This one has happened to me severally. You find that there is a team you are 100% sure that it will win. You prepare about 5 slips and include it in every slip. When the results are out, you realize that that same team is the one that failed all the slips—this is surely painful!!!

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