Gor Mahia Starts New Chapter with Roberto Oliveira and Betsafe


Reigning Premier League champions Gor Mahia are in the midst of exciting times at present. Not only has the team secured a new sponsor in the form of online gambling company Betsafe, but it has also taken on a new team coach, Roberto Oliveira.

Both of these moves mark a new and exciting chapter for the team, which will be moving forward with its 2020/2021 campaign with these key changes in place. Both of the announcements have been made very recently, with team officials expressing excitement and relief with regard to both the new sponsor and the new coach.

Sponsorship Deal Comes as a Relief

One thing that is for certain is that the sponsorship deal with Betsafe Kenya has come as a huge relief for the club. Betsafe has filled a vital void that was left after SportPesa pulled out of sponsorship for the Premier League football teams last year. This was the second time in two years that this happened, and it left the team facing severe financial difficulties.

In fact, according to reports, players were not paid by the club for five months because of the financial situation. This is why the sponsorship deal with Betsafe, which was announced recently, came as such a huge relief to the team and the club. As the reigning champions, Gor Mahia received the majority of funds from the deal. The sponsorship will continue for the next three seasons, and this will start with the 2020/2021 campaign.

For Gor Mahia, this not only marks the start of a new chapter with regard to sponsorship but also the end of an extremely challenging financial situation. Officials from the club expressed their gratitude and relief at the sponsorship, adding that they now had the reassurance of a financially secure sponsor.

Oliveira Replaces Polack

Of course, the new sponsor for the team is not the only major change to take Gor Mahia into a new chapter. It has also emerged that the team has replaced the old coach with the Brazilian tactician, Roberto Oliveira. The announcement about the new coach was made just a short time after the club announced that its affiliation with the former coach, Steve Polack from Britain, had come to an end.

Oliveira previously worked with Rayon Sports in Rwanda where he was head coach several years ago. During this time, he actually stopped Gor Mahia from moving forward to the CAF Confederation Cup quarter-finals.

He arrived in the country on October 10th when he signed the contract as the new coach for the team. This marks another exciting move for the club, with officials stating that they are thrilled to have such a prestigious and experienced coach on board.

The chairman of Gor Mahia said, “We are excited to announce the arrival of our new coach Roberto Oliveira from Brazil. He has had long coaching experience in Africa thus making him more conversant with African football. We think he will be a great asset in our quest to achieve better results on the field.”

According to Oliveira, he was given the chance to come here a couple of years ago. However, he said that it was a critical time for his club at the time, and he found that he was unable to accept at that particular time. However, now that he is here, he is determined to help his new club to succeed.

He also outlined his commitment to helping his new team to compete successfully in CAF competitions, and he clearly has big plans for Gor Mahia.