What To Do When one of your Car Tires Burst


If one of your tires burst, it means you have to take a quick action to prevent an accident. Here are the things to do when that happens:

* The correct behavior to stop the car when one of the tires explodes and you are driving the car at speeds exceeding 100 km / hour …

1 / First tip:

When a tire explodes, try to remain as calm as possible and secure the steering wheel (steering wheel) firmly with both hands.

2 / Second tip:

It is the most important thing to keep your feet away from the brakes and do not press them completely.

3 / Third advice

Stay in your lane and don’t try to change it or go off the road, keep on a straight lane as much as possible.

4 / Fourth tip

If your car has a manual transmission, change the gears gradually and do not take this step until after making sure that you are well in control of the car, but if your car has an automatic transmission, it will perform this task alone

5 / Fifth tip:

Do not worry about the brakes, the drag caused by the exploding tire will brake and slow the car.

6 / Sixth tip:

When the speed drops to 50 km / h, you can apply the brakes gently until the car stops

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