Best Blog to Post Sponsored Articles/Guest Posts on Casino and Gambling


If you have a blog post you wish to sponsor on a site, Venas News is the best website to submit your post. We accept high quality casino and gambling posts which will rank highly on Google.

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Procedure of posting a sponsored article on Venas News

  • Step 1

Create the article that contains more than 500 words.

  • Step 2

Contact Venas News for sponsored post submission. Our email contact is [email protected]

  • Step 3

Send the article to [email protected]

  • Step 4

We shall post the article and send to you a live link. The article will be posted on our home page and will not be labelled as” sponsored”. It will contain do-follow links as well.

Step 5

Proceed to make payment. We accept PayPal,Wire Transfer,MPESA or Skrill.It’s upon you to choose the most convenient payment method.

The payment details will be sent to you once the article has been published.