How to Catch a Cheating husband or wife in Kenya


There are many proven ways to catch a cheating wife or husband in Kenya which you ought to know. Most people have become so clever that you can’t realize they are cheating, but if you know how to maneuver your ways until you catch them, then you won’t worry about anything.

If you suspect that your husband or wife is cheating, use these methods to catch them.

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  • Get the services of the workmate or neighbor

Workmates know a lot especially when your spouse is working in a certain institution. It’s a norm in Kenya for workers to cheat with their workmates. But it’s easy to catch them, just identify a workmate who is close to your spouse and inform them of your intention. It’s good to get services from two of them so as to compare the information you receive from them. If possible, pay them well for them to do the assignment perfectly.

  • Get passwords for their social media accounts secretly

Nowadays most people cheat with people they meet online. Careless spouses will always leave a trail. Ask for passwords from your children –they might know the password to your spouse’s social media accounts. Alternatively, pretend that you don’t check their phones and get them red handed one day after doing impromptu check.

  • Pretend that you are going for a trip and return without notice

Some spouses get time to cheat when you leave the home. If you suspect that your wife/husband is cheating on you, tell him that you have a trip out of the town that will take days, even weeks. Leave them with enough money and prepare them psychologically that you won’t be around for several days. Go away for a few days and return without notice. If possibly, leave someone to spy on you and inform when things look successful.

  • Check how they behave in the house

A cheating spouse, especially your wife will start behaving abnormally. Before she starts cheating, she will love you unconditionally, she is obedient, submissive and looks straight to your eyes. After cheating, she becomes rude, disobedient and disinterested. When you realize that your spouse has suddenly changed,visit Dr Kiwanga for help. You can call him using this number +254769404965                                     

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