Best and Worst Business To Start in Kenya in 2021


There are several business ideas for those planning to start a business in Kenya in 2021 but you should be careful not to waste your money on nonprofitable business. With Covid-19 much alive, there are businesses that will not survive in 2022,such businesses should be avoided.

Below we provide a list of best and worst businesses to start in Kenya in 2021 that won’t disappoint.

Best Businesses to start in Kenya 2021

Social Media Influencer (Create and popularize social media pages)

  1. Dairy farming (Milk is on demand)
  2. Selling clean water
  3. Supply of solar to homesteads
  4. Blogging(Create your own blog and host it at Bluehost,click here to learn more)
  5. Garage business
  6. Motorcycle spare part and repair business
  7. Grocery business
  8. Become a YouTuber
  9. Start E-commerce website
  10. Become an online tutor
  11. Start a construction hardware shop
  12. Start a Chemist
  13. Open wines and spirits shop
  14. Start selling cereals
  15. Borehole water supply business
  16. Gym and fitness Center business
  17. Start betting on football matches(You can follow this link and get free bets)
  18. Sell products on social media
  19. Cosmetics shop
  20. Hospital/Clinic

Worst businesses to start in Kenya 2021

  1. Car hire business
  2. Catering business
  3. Hotel/Restaurant business
  4. Pub/club
  5. Taxi business
  6. School
  7. Bouncing Castle
  8. Tour company business
  9. Matatu business
  10. Real Estate company