Why Winning a Bet Has Become So Hard Nowadays


Nowadays, winning a bet is so hard that you’ll take up to one month to win ones. A couple of years ago, you could combine even 20 games and all of them go through, nowadays even betting for one game is not a guarantee that you’ll win.

Since 2018 things haven’t been so good for some teams, especially Arsenal. These are teams which used to win regularly but not anymore. There are also small teams like Wolverhampton which are giving bigger teams a run for their money.

If you are wondering why you aren’t winning, here are the reasons:

  • Lack of fans in football stadiums

When Covid-19 was declared in most countries, fans were barred from attending live matches. Some teams perform well under the influence of fans. At the moment, any team can win anywhere as long as they are on form.

  • Match fixing

There was a time I didn’t accept the fact that there is match fixing until I started keenly following some matches. You’d find that for 30 years two teams have met, they haven’t scored each other more than 2 goals. But on this particular game, these teams score 3 goals each…very strange.

I’m very skeptical of teams from African countries, Turkey, Russia, Norway and Israel, Match fixing is rampant in those countries. If you monitor results keenly, you’ll bear me witness.

  • Influence from betting sites

Some betting sites influence results especially in developing countries. If majority of gamblers bet for team A to win,a particular betting site will collude with players  of team A to lose the match. The players will then be given some money.

Betting sites are in business and would not like to make huge losses.

  • Gambling players influence the result

Have you wondered why a teams with 1.10 odds could easily lose or draw a match that seemed very easy for them? Well, this team has players who have placed a bet against odds. If the opposing teams has been allocated 20 odds,they will bet for that team and deliberately lose the match.

  • Most teams are undergoing transition

Teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid are undergoing transition. During this process, a lot has to happen that affect the performance of players. Most people were used to bet for these teams because they were always winning. Nowadays, they are the same teams that kill our bets.

  • You don’t engage services of professional tipsters

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