Casino and Betting Software for Your Business


   Online sports betting is a highly profitable business because it creates a win-win situation for both the company and clients. There is tough competition among bookmakers in gambling and betting businesses; hence, people are coming up with unique ways to personalize their brands and give them an edge over the others. These business owners must look for the best products on the market to maintain top quality and a successful business.

Top Gambling and Betting Products

   The best products are offered by the top brand software providers in the industry. Some of the best casino and betting products on the market include:

  1. Remote game server
  2. White Label casino solutions
  3. Bitcoin casino solutions
  4. Self-service solutions
  5. Turnkey
  6. Back-end core
  7. API solutions

Let us examine a few of these products to understand what they entail and how they benefit betting businesses.

Remote Game Server

   The Remote Game Server is an open development platform that can run on several production environments. It houses all the components required to deliver the software supplier’s products to the gaming system, and the numerous features and configuration possibilities make it an ideal tool for online and mobile games. The server allows gaming sites to maintain accurate versions of the game for a display to players. It is also suitable for operators that want their portfolio to stand out with exclusive content.

Remote Gaming Server offers a seamless user experience across all channels, formats, and devices. It also has a customizable dashboard for operators to track Key Performance Indicators.

White Label Casino Solutions

   A White Label Casino Solution is a service created by one company and sold or leased to another. The company that buys can personalize or re-brand it for originality. It is a budget-friendly option for a business owner who wished to launch his gaming site in no time. Simply put, it is a ready-to-go service that makes starting a gambling or betting business much more convenient.

   This product comes with a fixed number of games, promotions, and payment options. The new owner may choose to add or deduct from this number depending on their interest or target audience.

   White label solution is a cost-efficient and time-efficient service that should be considered for business owners that want to get the ball rolling in the shortest time possible.

Self Service Solutions

   This product is time-efficient by allowing casino owners to build and customize their sites as they wish. The duties of the business owner are to oversee design and front-end HTML coding with a team of IT experts. The provider handles all other aspects, including testing, technical documentation, free updates, back office, and front-end design advisory. Self-service is available for most products to facilitate the development process and build a casino to match the owner’s needs, provided that there is a team of developers.

This service comes with multiple features such as;

  1. Hosting
  2. Licensing
  3. Payment methods
  4. Bonuses and rewards
  5. Games and tournaments
  6. Multi-currency
  7. Multi-lingual interface
  8. Affiliate system
  9. Live-chat
  10. Reporting system
  11. Mailing system
  12. Banking account
  13. Company incorporation
  14. Fraud and risk prevention


   This casino is self-owned and multi-functional. It gives the owner unlimited customization or branding opportunities. With delegated duties, turnkey helps alleviate the stress of building and gives the owners time to focus on other important aspects of launching their businesses. It is a time-efficient service that doesn’t require the owners to handle recruitment, staff supervision, and quality assurance.

The features of Turnkey software include:

  • Payment methods
  • Licensing assistance
  • Design and technical support

Back-end core

   Back-end core provides the core data engine that could be shaped to the owner’s taste and integrated with their website. It is a cost-efficient way to realize their ideas of creating a unique platform.

API solutions

   API solutions allows operators to integrate casino games into their websites in no time. It allows an increase of players’ average cheques and allows them to place bets and play games with ease.

Where to find gambling products

  Business owners can find iGaming products here: The quality of gaming software determines the growth and success of the business.