Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Juicer at Home


We get our kitchen appliances to do all the hard work for us; what we can do is clean and care for them to make them long-lasting kitchen companions. The assumption that these appliances will take care of themselves is grossly incorrect. Everything from the largest fridge to the smallest blender has curves, knobs and moving parts can get dirty with continuous, long term operation.

Starting your day with a glass of fresh juice can lower high cholesterol, improve athletic performance, detox your system and eventually clear your skin and body. The choices are limitless: from apple, celery and kale, to beetroot, ginger and orange, freshly-squeezed juice will help you consume lots of nutrients. Unlike coffee and sugary soft drinks (which take away water from the body), raw juice replenishes lost fluids while providing all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. A juicer is a must-have in every household. By routinely keeping your juicer clean, you ensure durable performance at the highest level. Here are some tips that will help in cleaning your juicer at home:

  • Always TURN OFF and unplug the appliance before cleaning

You should never clean any appliance while it is plugged into a power socket. That can lead to power surges and other problems that may cause fires or other mishaps. Always make sure that you unplugged the cord and do not hesitate to double-check.

  • Soak your filter

Soak your filter basket in hot soapy water for about 5 to 10 minutes immediately after juicing. If the pulp is left to dry, it can congest the fine pores and interfere with your juicer’s effectiveness (leading you to have to buy a replacement filter). If the pores still look blocked, soak the filter for another 10 minutes in warm water and lemon juice. Finish up by using a cleaning brush followed by rinsing and drying.

  • Clean the blades and insides of the juicer

The fine blades of blenders get crud caught in them and are challenging to clean. So, put those blades to use with the following steps:

  • Mix one cup of hot water with few drops of dishwashing liquid into the jar and pulse for 5 seconds.
  • By blending some lemon rinds with water for a few seconds, you can keep your juicer (and blender) smelling fresh instantly.
  • For more thorough but less frequent cleaning, fill the jar with hot water and 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid chlorine bleach, let stand for 5 minutes, and then dispose the mixture. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Periodical cleaning

Never let your juicer sit around dirty for long, and make it a habit to clean your juicer insides and parts soon after use. All that concentrated pigment, pulp and liquid will set in quickly, especially if left to dry. As a general rule of thumb, clean your juicer and tackle the mess as and when it happens by wiping up spills and residue before it gets dried up and sticks to the surface. This, combined with more recurrent deep cleans, will help keep your juicer appliances in optimal condition for a longer time.

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