Useless Courses You Should Not Study in Kenya in 2021


There are courses which are very useless in Kenya, you should not study them at all. I always wonder why parents and teachers don’t guide students on which best courses to study, they leave them to pursue courses which end up not helping them.

The year 2021 is unique, courses which used to be marketable are not marketable anymore because of lockdowns and closure of many businesses.

If you are planning to join any Kenyan university, avoid studying these courses;

  • Tourism and Travel related courses

Tourism sector is almost on its knees, there are no jobs at all for graduates in this area. The worst thing is that even if you start a company dealing with travels, you won’t get clients. You should never dare pursue tourism related course in 2021.

  • Sports related courses

Any course related to sports should not be pursued in college. There is one course in universities called Sports Management. Please tell me where you’ll get a job with such a course?!!!

Since 2020, Sportpesa in this country has been completely dead and the case will be the same for the next many years.

  • Aeronautical Engineering

Even if Aeronautical Engineering is an attractive course, never pursue such a course in Kenya at this time—you will be jobless. The aviation industry is one of the most affected by Corona virus, hence not attractive for graduates.

  • Cabin Crew and aviation related courses

There was a time every girl in Kenya wanted to join college for a course in Cabin Crew, not anymore. Nowadays this course is completely useless. In case you find yourself doing Cabin Crew in college, count yourself as jobless.

  • Hospitality courses

In future, people will be ordering food online. There will be few employees in the hospitality industry. Even now, most hotels and restaurants are delivering food to people’s homes.

Never make a mistake of pursuing hospitality related courses unless you want to start your own hotel.

  • Petroleum exploration and engineering

Tullow Oil will be out of the country soon after finding it hard to strike real oil. This is the only oil exploration company in Kenya. Let me ask you, if you study oil and exploration course, where do you think you’ll work in future?

  • Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering is offered at JKUAT.The name is good but the course is useless. Unless you pursue CFA,this course won’t help you in Kenya.

  • Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science was introduced in Kenya prematurely. There was a time when students of this course used to brag a lot until they graduated and found no one to employ them—they are now sleeping with their degrees.

Unless you are planning to pursue CFA or Actuarial Professional papers offered by associations in UK,you won’t readily get a job in Kenya.

  • Bachelor of Science General

Bachelor of Science General is neither here nor there—students don’t even know what they are studying for. If you ask a graduate what he studied in college, he will stammer for some minutes before he nervously say he majored in Computer Science or Mathematics.

This is a very useless course!

  • Bachelor of Industrial Chemistry

No sane Kenyan should think of joining university for a useless course like Industrial Chemisty.Avoid this course like a plague.