Best Diploma and Certificate Courses to Do with D plain,D+ and D- in Kenya in 2021


With a D plain,D+ and D- in KCSE, you can join college for a marketable certificate course. Most of the courses are designed in such a way that when a student graduates, he becomes self-employed. One of the best courses in Motor Vehicle Mechanics. In Kenya, a Mechanic is a highly sought expert. In a day, someone can make upwards of Ksh 10,000 by repairing other people’s vehicles.

Normally, people laugh at those who score D and E without knowing that such people can even make more money than A material after school.

If you want to pursue a marketable course with a D plain or D- course, here is a list to choose from:

  1. Artisan in Electrical Installation
  2. Higher Dip. In Electrical Engineering
  3. Craft Certificate in Electrical and Electronics –Power option
  4. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-Power
  5. Artisan in Garment Making
  6. Artisan in Housekeeping
  7. Craft Certificate in Fashion and Design
  8. Craft Certificate in Catering & Accommodation
  9. Diploma in Fashion & Design and Clothing Technology
  10. Artisan in Welding and Fabrication
  11. Artisan in Automotive Engineering
  12. Craft Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  13. Craft Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics 
  14. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  15. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  16. Certificate in Animal Health and Production
  17. Certificate in Artificial Insemination
  18. Certificate in Computer Engineering
  19. Certificate in Computer Application Packages
  20. Certificate in Computer Forensics and Investigations
  21. Certificate in Criminology and Security Management
  22. Certificate in Early Childhood Studies
  23. Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  24. Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology
  25. Certificate in Information Technology
  26. Certificate in Journalism and Mass Communication
  27. Certificate in Marketing Management
  28. Certificate in Project Management
  29. Certificate in Food Production
  30. Certificate in Food and Beverage Service