Best Undergraduate courses to Do in Kenya with A Plain and A- KCSE Grades in 2021


Very few students score A Plain and A- grades in KCSE in Kenya. There are specific courses which are suitable for these students. For those who scored A plain, pursuing Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery should be the first priority. Software Engineering is also another good course to pursue.

It’s quite demoralizing when you score A Plain and end up being jobless for several years. Always take time to choose a course that will either give you a job as soon as you graduate or enable you to start your own business.

Here are the best courses to do with A plain and A- in Kenya:

Bachelor of Architectural Technology formerly (Bachelor of Architecture)

  1. BSc. Civil Engineering
  2. BSc. Computer Science
  3. BSc. Computer Technology
  4. BSc. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  5. BSc. Electronic & Computer Engineering
  6. BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  7. BSc. Mechatronics Engineering
  8. BSc. Telecommunication & Information Engineering
  9. Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
  10. Bachelor Of Quantity Surveying
  11. BSc Nursing
  12. Bachelor Of Dental Surgery
  13. Bachelor Of Pharmacy
  14. Bachelor of Applied Statistics
  15. Bachelor of Law
  16. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  17. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  18. Bachelor of Science in Computer Electronic Systems
  19. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Pediatrics
  20. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
  21. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  22. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine