What you can Do with KCSE Grade E in Kenya


If you scored E in KCSE,there are many things you can do in order to earn a living. Life outside here is different from school: you might fail miserably in school but succeed with flying colours out here.I have seen many people, even those we schooled with succeed with Ds and Es.All you need is to plan your life well, then execute your plans.

E is the worst grade anyone can score in high school. It means you actually scored less than 20% in every subject. Everyone will ridicule you and if you are weak, you can easily despair.

With an E,these are some of the things you can do:

  • Enroll for a course that doesn’t require high grades.

There are artisan courses like plumbing, masonary and mechanical engineering which do not require high grades in high school. Even driving is another course you can do.I can tell you there are mechanics who make up to Ksh1 million per month yet they didn’t even go to high school.

  • Become a farmer

You also don’t need college education to become a farmer. Immediately you get your high school result, start farming. Plant crops like cabbages, tomatoes, sugarcane, bananas, watermelon, avocado and start making money. You will even make more money than professors.

  • Start a profitable business

You can also identify business which is not complicated and invest there. I understand that majority of successful businesses are owned by school dropouts.

You can run a hardware, general shop, grocery,butchery,salon,kinyozi or car wash business.

  • Go abroad—places like USA or Dubai

There are plenty of jobs in Middle East or USA which don’t require university education. Look for a Green Card and fly to USA or get a way to fly to Middle East.